GP Induction & Refresher Scheme Fact Sheet 2015

NHS England and Health Education England in 2015 reviewed and revised the UK GP Induction
and Refresher Scheme. Below are a set of FAQs for doctors interested in the scheme and
guidance for Medical Directors / Responsible Officers and LETB I&R leads who will be involved in
the scheme.

Key changes to the policy

1. There is now one national policy which covers the whole of England.
2. The scheme offers bursaries for the period of time that the doctor is in supervised practise.
3. Doctors who go on to work in the NHS can claim back some assessment fees.
4. The scheme is co-ordinated by the GP National Recruitment Office (NRO).
5. The scheme application process can now be started overseas including the ability to sit the
multiple choice question (MCQ) learning needs assessment.
6. There is recognition of a rapid return possible for qualified and experienced GPs working in
Primary Care outside the UK.


  • Q1. Who is eligible for the scheme?

    Only qualified GPs who have not worked in NHS general practice in England for more than two years and wish to return to work in England need to apply for the scheme.

  • Q2. I am a doctor who trained abroad and have no UK experience. Am I able to apply for the scheme?

    Any qualified GP who has been granted a CEGPR and is on the GMC GP Register (in good standing) with a Licence to Practice is eligible to apply for the scheme.

  • Q3. How much money is in the bursary?

    The I&R bursary can be claimed by the I&R doctor through the NRO and will be paid directly to the candidate.

    The scheme will provide each I&R doctor with a monthly bursary, claimed in arrears, of £2,300 (in 2015) for a full time placement (37.5 hours, per week) or pro-rata if part time, up to a maximum of 6 months full time or the equivalent if part time.

  • Q4 How do I apply for the scheme?

    You will be directed to the NRO website ( which will contain information to guide you through the I&R Scheme and the application process.

    If eligible to apply for the scheme you will be able to download the application form to complete and send to the NRO.

  • Q5. What approvals or qualifications and certificates do I need to work as a GP in England?

    You must:

    • Be medically qualified and have completed formal training as a general practitioner in the UK (CCT), or hold a CEGPR (Certificate of Eligibility for GP Registration).

    • Be on the GMC GP Register, in good standing and hold a current Licence to Practice as a GP.

    • Have the right to work or hold a visa that permits you to work in the UK.

    • Be granted application by the NHS England to the National Performers List (NPL) with conditions that permit you to enter the GP I&R Scheme.

  • Q6. How long is the scheme for?

    Each doctor will have a formal review of their qualifications and work experience by the I&R Lead and may be invited to undertake the formal learning needs assessments (MCQ) whichwill help to inform the duration of their supervised placement.

    The supervised practice may vary from a short placement of only one or two weeks up to amaximum of no more than six months.

    The scheme may be completed either as a full time placement or as a longer part time placement over the full time equivalent placement period.

  • Q7. If I am on a short scheme (MCQ Band 5 outcomes) what additional assessments will be required?

    You will be expected to have completed the e-learning programme module on "An Introduction to working as a GP in the NHS" and your Educational Supervisor will complete a short formal report that is submitted to the Responsible Officer (RO)/Medical Director (MD) confirming your clinical competence and global skills as a competent GP.

    Where English is not your primary language, confirmation of your communication skills will be required.

  • Q8. What support will I get when I am on the scheme?

    You will be placed with a GP educator approved by the LETB and on the GMC Training Register who will provide clinical supervision, regular reviews and feedback to you during your placement. In some areas you will be able to attend formal I&R support groups or local CPD activities.

  • Q9. How much money is available for the scheme in total?

    In addition to the bursary of £2,300 per month (full time), the scheme will allow the I&R doctor to claim reimbursement for one attempt of the entry learning needs assessments and the Simulated Surgery assessment (where relevant) on successful completion of the I&R placement.

    The GP Educational Supervisor’s practice will be paid a monthly placement or supervision fee which is the equivalent of £7,751 per annum (paid at £645.92 per month).

  • Q10. How many years will the scheme be in place?

    There have been schemes in existence since 2002. The new funded and revised scheme, launched in March 2015 has been established to run until 2018 but will be reviewed as required on an annual basis with a full formal review in 2017.

  • Q11. What happens if I do not complete my supervised practice placement?

    You will not be able to work as an independent GP in England without NPL continuing conditions agreed by the local RO/MD of NHS England.

  • Q12. Do I have to sit exams?

    At entry to the I&R Scheme, you are required to undergo an educational and career review with the LETB I&R Lead. If formal learning needs assessments are required then you will need to take the two MCQ assessments (Clinical Problem Solving (CPS) and Situational Judgement Test (SJT)) and dependant on the outcome of these, you may also need to do a Simulated Surgery assessment.

    There are no formal exit exams.

    During the placement the Educational Supervisor will provide regular feedback and document this in the Workplace Based Assessment (WBA) Logbook.

    If English is not your primary (or your qualifying medical degree) language you will also receive formal feedback on your language and communication skills to help inform your I&R placement learning plan.

  • Q13. What happens if I fail any of the assessments?

    Guidance on your options and advice on further learning opportunities and timing for future applications to the scheme will be given by the I&R Lead.

    Applicants are permitted no more than four attempts at entry to the I&R Scheme.

    The GMC will be informed of the outcome of all assessment attempts.

  • Q14. Are there jobs available if I do complete the scheme?

    Once the RO/MD has approved your entry to the NPL without conditions you will be able work as a locum GP or to apply for formal GP salaried posts or partnerships in England.

    There are many areas of England where there are GP vacancies and these are frequently advertised in the medical press.

  • Q15. Will you pay for my indemnity cover?

    No, the scheme does not provide medical indemnity cover funds. Scheme members should ensure that they are appropriately indemnified for their work. Some training practices will have group cover, which can result in substantial benefits at discounted rates.