Frequently asked questions


Q: How much am I indemnified for?

A: Membership of the MDDUS provides unlimited indemnity. Unlike conventional insurance products we do not place any limit on the indemnity we provide and unlike policies of insurance we do not have conditions and unnecessary exclusions that can result in claims being declined.

Q: What is the difference between occurrence-based cover and claims-made cover?

A: The MDDUS operates occurrence-based cover. This means that you can apply for assistance with claims or complaints arising from incidents that occurred from the period while you were a member, even if you have left membership when the claim/complaint arises. Most insurance products operate in a quite different manner.


They only guarantee protection if you are insured, both when the incident occurred and when the claim/complaint is made. The crucial importance of this lies in the fact that acts of medical malpractice do not occur and then materialise in a claim/complaint within a short period of time. There can be several months or even years between the events that give rise to a claim/complaint and the claim/complaint being made.

Q: What are the benefits of a mutual organisation?

A: There are many benefits of being a mutual organisation and, one of the most valuable, is that the MDDUS does not have shareholders and does not pay dividends to its members. All of the income generated by subscriptions is invested back into the organisation and member services. This, coupled
with our sound financial acumen, means that we maintain very competitive subscription rates and have built a financially strong organisation.

Q: Does my membership provide me with assistance regardless of where I work in the UK?

A: MDDUS members are indemnified to work anywhere in the UK with the exception of the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands. Although, the MDDUS does not normally operate membership outwith the UK, it does indemnify members for Good Samaritan acts anywhere in the world which are not covered by any other indemnity or insurance arrangement.

Q: What does “discretionary” mean?

A: Discretionary means that the settling of claims and assistance is at the Board, which consists of members who are fellow healthcare professionals.

The ability to operate a discretion, as opposed to comply with policy terms and conditions, has been extremely valuable for our members over the years as there are many cases where we have been able
to exercise discretion in their favour which may not have been possible with a conventional and restrictive insurance policy.

Q: Will I be indemnified for any claims arising from my previous period of membership with my existing defence organisation?

A: It is our understanding that your previous defence organisation will continue to protect you for time spent with them as a member, should any claim arise after you leave them . For your own peace of mind you may want to seek confirmation of this.




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