Out of Hours Training

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PLEASE BE AWARE: OOH arrangements are likely to change nationally in the next few weeks. We will then be issuing further information in the light of this national guidance.


Dealing with urgent requests for help, triaging and treating emergencies in general practice are part of a GPST's core curriculum. GPSTs need to demonstrate competency in the six relevant competences in the RCGP Curriculum Statement and will be trained in these under the supervision of their trainer or a named clinical supervisor in the OOH organisation.

The six generic competencies, embedded within the RCGP Curriculum Statement on ‘Care of acutely ill people’, are defined as the:

1.         Ability to manage common medical, surgical and psychiatric emergencies in the out of hours setting.

2.         Understanding of the organisational aspects of NHS out of hours care.

3.         Ability to make appropriate referrals to hospitals and other professionals in the out of hours setting

4.         Demonstration of communication skills required for out of hours care.

5.         Individual personal time and stress management.

6.         Maintenance of personal security and awareness and management of the security risks to others.

GPSTs and their trainers (Educational Supervisors) will need to complete the relevant sections of the ePortfolio. This is done so by the trainee completing the OOH record sheet, that can be collected from the PGEC, and uploading each OOH session as a learning log on their ePortfolio with the signed record sheet attached. Failure to do so may result in the trainee being called to attend an ARCP Panel as this is a contractual obligation whilst in general practice to complete 6 sessions in the ST1/2 placement and 12 sessions in the ST3 placement.

GP trainers will sign off on demonstration of the required competencies to their satisfaction in the end of year review on the ePortfolio


1. GP Trainees – Guide to OOH Training

For a printable version, please click here

2. OOH Session Record Sheet (printable version)

3. Virtual Patient Scenarios - Online OOH cases

4. COGPED (national) overview of OOH Training

5. COGPED (national) overview of Teaching in the OOH Setting

6. Clinical Supervisors & Training OOH

7. OOH Clinical and Educational Governance

Completed OOH Session forms should be returned to:

Health Education England
Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education
Plumer House
Tailyour Road

If you have run out of the carbon copy OOH session record sheets please either print off the paper copy above and photocopy as appropriate, or ask your Postgraduate Education Centre administrator for more carbon copies.