Learning Accounts/Study Leave/Travel Expenses

Please note that for booking time off for study leave you will need to inform the Lead Employer, your rota manager (if in a hospital post) or the Practice Manager (if in a GP practice post) 

Key Points:

  • ST1s, ST2s and ST3s have a nominal £300 per training year for learning needs not already provided.
  • The account will be held centrally by the School of Primary Care
  • Study Leave can be used flexibly
  • Each separate use of Study Leave needs approval
  • Study Leave funding cannot be used to pay for exams, travel expenses to VTS teaching or to central teaching and study days
  • Any unused study leave cannot be carried over to the following training year
  • Retrospective applications for Study Leave will be considered for authorisation in exceptional circumstances
  • All hospital based trainees should request study leave time off with medical staffing and practice based trainees from their Practice Manager. 

1. Study leave for core training in General Practice will be approved if:

a) Agreed by your Educational Supervisor following a systematic examination of your individual development needs
b) You can demonstrate that the request is in keeping with your Personal Development Plan
c) You have sufficient study leave allowance left
d) Funding for course fees, travel & accommodation is dependent on sufficient funds in your personal allowance

2. Study leave for specialist courses of relevance to General Practice or training for extended General Practice skills will be approved if a, b, c and d above are met, PLUS

e) Your Educational Supervisor states that you are making excellent progress and there are no concerns about completion of core requirements for Certificate of Completion of Training.

3. Where courses are delivered locally by HEE/RCGP or other local education provider organisation study leave for similar external courses will only be approved if:

f) GPSTs can demonstrate that it was not possible for them to attend e.g. they were on
nights, or they have specific learning needs relevant to GP, identified in their PDP, which can only be fulfilled by another course. PLUS a, b, c and d as above.

4. Study leave for specialty seminars and courses which are not relevant to GPs would not normally be approved; examples include histopathology, specialty examinations and courses - MRCP, and FRCA.

5. Process for approval and funding:

• GPST identifies activity based on PDP/identified learning need
• TPD/ES advises on, approves and signs bid (with patch AD advice if needed)
• Trainee pays for course and sends TPD/ES backed application with receipts to the School of Primary Care (address below)
• The School of Primary Care approves the application and arranges payment.
• Payment will be made by BACS directly to the trainee
• Travel and subsistence costs can be reimbursed under this scheme at a rate of 0.24p per mile or public transport costs (receipts must be included with all claims) but will be deducted from the nominal £300 per trainee.

Form to use for travel expenses and study leave expenses :

Study Leave /Travel Expenses Application Form - once the form has been signed by the appropriate individuals please post to (including all receipts) to:

Sarah Anderson
Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education
School of Primary Care
Raleigh Building
22A Davy Road
Plymouth Science Park
Plymouth PL6 8BY

Expense claim guidelines for Trainees