Non Staff Expenses claim form.


The ‘Non Staff Expenses Claim Form’ must be completed in full, and in TYPE.

The ‘Total Value of the claim £’ must equal the individual amounts entered in the separate expense boxes entered below it on the following page.

The completed form and all receipts relating to the claim must be to be sent to:-

Health Education England - South West
Raleigh Building
22A Davy Road
Plymouth Science Park
Plymouth PL6 8BY


When the form has been received, it will be checked and the invoice number and date section of the form will be completed by Health Education England staff.

A copy of the front page only, will be sent to the Invoice address to be processed by the Shared Business Services (SBS) for payment.

Health Education England will retain the original signed form and all of the receipts.


If it is the first claim then you will be set up as a supplier (or vendor) in the SBS payments system.

The invoice is scanned by SBS onto the payments system, and once authorised the invoice will be paid via BACS into your bank account.


The invoice when received is ‘scanned’ by SBS which is why it must be submitted in type.

If you encounter problems in receiving payment, in the first instance contact the relevant Health Education South West staff member who will be able to advise on the action to take.

If your address and/or Bank Account details change you will need to notify SBS directly on 0303 123 1177.