Please see the guidance paper on the Quality Assurance of GP training practices


We hope you find your practice visit useful and enjoyable.
We would appreciate you taking time to evaluate the usefulness of the visit afterwards.

The report is based on guidance from the GMC about standards expected of all teaching institutions.


For each section 4 types of evidence or process may be required.

D = Data – Confirmation by practice that relevant statement is correct (this might be filled in by the practice manager).
I = Interview – Information to be obtained during visit from trainer or from the trainee prior to visit.
Q = Question – Information to be provided on form prior to visit.
E = Evidence – Evidence to be submitted with application form.


  • The Primary Care team at the Postgraduate Centre/Medical School will contact you 3 months before your expiry date to arrange a visit.

  • The visits will normally take place between October and May.

  • New trainer visits may be arranged under a separate system.

The visiting team will base their recommendations on the information provided in this review, interviews with trainees and students, arranged by the Primary Care team at the Postgraduate Centre prior to the visit, data provided as part of the annual practice review process as part of the patch Quality Panel, and discussions at the practice visit.


  • The visiting team and practice meet and agree on aims for the visit and timetable. (One of the principle aims for the visiting team is to help the practice as a whole develop as a teaching and learning institution.)
  • Visit activities may include the following:

o Discussions with learners
o Viewing evidence such as videos, evaluations etc
o Tour of premises
o Group discussions with representation from practice administration, management, Undergraduate and Postgraduate providers

  • The visiting team will convene briefly.
  • A group discussion on visiting team recommendations and formulation of an outline practice educational plan for the forthcoming 3 years.


  • The visiting team will complete the formal recommendations and forward the report to you.
  • Referring to this report please now formulate and sign off your educational development plan and return to the South West Peninsula /Medical School.
  • You should discuss progress in implementing your educational development plan and your part in it with your appraiser at your subsequent annual appraisals. You may wish to modify your plan as a result of these discussions. You should sign this off with your appraiser
  • Please let the South West Peninsula / Medical School know how these discussions have gone after your annual appraisal especially if you would like to discuss things further with the appropriate educational personnel.
  • Please submit these plans as evidence at your next re-approval visit.