Please note these rotations may be subject to change.

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If you have any particular disability arrangements or reasonable adjustments which must be considered, please ensure this is discussed with the patch team(s) well in advance when browsing the available rotations.  Please contact who will put you in contact with the relevant team to discuss your needs in relation to the rotations available in this recruitment round.


Number Aug 2020 - Aug 2021 (ST1) Aug 2021 - Aug 2022 (ST2) Aug 2022 - Aug 2023
R1   Paeds (Weston) O & G (NBT)  GP 
Medicine (NBT)  
R2   Medicine (NBT) GP  GP 
Paeds (Weston)  
R3   Medicine (Weston) GP  GP 
Paeds (UHB) A & E (NBT)
R4   Medicine (NBT) Gynae (Weston)  GP 
Psych (LFU, Weston)  
A & E (UHB) GP
R5   Medicine (NBT) GP  GP 
A & E (Weston) Psych (Greenway)
R6   A & E (UHB) Psych (Kingswood)  GP 
Medicine (NBT)  
Gynae (Weston) GP
R7   A & E (UHB) GP  GP 
Medicine (NBT)  
Palliative Care (St Peters) Gynae (Weston)
R8   ENT (UHB) GP  GP 
A & E (UHB)  
Psych (LFU, Weston) Medicine (UHB)
R9   ENT (UHB) A & E (NBT)  GP 
Psych (LFU, Weston)  
Medicine (NBT) GP
R10   A & E (Weston) GP  GP 
O & G (NBT)  
Psych (Greenway) Ortho-Geriatrics (NBT)
R11   Gynae (Weston) GP  GP 
Medicine (UHB)  
Paeds (Weston) Psych (Clevedon)
R12   Ophthalmology (UHB) GP  GP 
Paeds (UHB)  
A & E (Weston) Medicine (UHB)
R13   Psych (Greenway) Paeds ED (UHB)  GP 
Gynae (Weston)  
Medicine (NBT) GP
R14   Urology (NBT) Psych (Clevedon)  GP 
Paeds (UHB)  
Medicine (Weston) GP
R15   A & E (Weston) Psych (Callington Road)  GP 
Urology (NBT)  
Medicine (UHB) GP
R16   Psych (LFU, Weston) Paeds Comm/ED  (UHB)  GP 
Palliative Care (St Peters)  
Medicine (NBT) GP
R17   Psych (LFU, Weston) A & E (NBT)  GP 
Paeds (UHB)  
Medicine (NBT) GP
R18   Medicine (Weston) GP  GP 
Ophthalmology (UHB)  
A & E (UHB) Psych (Callington Road)
R19   Paeds (Comm/ED) ENT (UHB) GP  
  Ophthalmology (UHB)
GP Psych comm (Clevedon)
R20   GP O & G (NBT) GP  
  Psych Comm (Thornbury)
Palliative Care (St Peters) A & E (UHB)
R21   Palliative Care (St Peters) Sexual Health (UHB) GP  
  A & E (UHB)
GP Ophthalmology (UHB)
R22   GP A & E (UHB) GP  
Paeds comm/ED (UHB) O & G (NBT)
 R23  Obs and gynae (NBT) Ophthalmology (UHB) GP  
  Dermatology (UHB)
R24   GP CALS (NBT) GP  
O & G (NBT) Psych Comm (Thornbury)
R25   Palliative Care (Weston) Psych Comm (Thornbury) GP  
GP Paeds ED (UHB)
R26   GP Paeds ED (UHB) GP  
  O & G (NBT)
Respiratory (NBT) ENT (UHB)
R27   GP ENT (UHB) GP  
  Paeds ED (UHB)
O & G (NBT) Dermatology (UHB)
R28   O & G (NBT) Paeds ED (UHB) GP  
  Psych comm (Clevedon)
R29   A & E (UHB) Dermatology (UHB) GP  
  Paeds ED (UHB)
GP Sexual Health (UHB)
R30   GP Psych comm (Clevedon) GP  
  Sexual Health (UHB)
A & E (UHB) Paeds ED (UHB)
R31   Respriatory (NBT) A & E (NBT) GP  
GP Paeds Comm/ED (UHB)
R32   GP Ortho-Geratrics (NBT) GP  
Palliative Care (Weston) A & E (NBT)
R33   Paeds (Weston) Sexual Health (UHB)  GP 
A & E (UHB)  
Psych comm (Kingswood) GP