Those attending interview are entitled to claim back reasonable expenses incurred as a result of attending the interview.  However, there are certain rules regarding receiving this entitlement which should be adhered to.  It is, therefore important that you are aware of these prior to making your journey to interview. Furthermore, as Stage 3 assessment centre is based around the country regardless of where you are applying to train, you must attend the centre that is closest to you.

a) Overnight Accommodation
Candidates will require prior authorisation and should be travelling from outside of the deanery region in order to claim for overnight accommodation.

b) Air Fares
Air fares are not usually payable except in exceptional circumstances and you would need to prove that travelling by air was cheaper than by rail before you embark on the journey.  Again, you would need prior authorisation for this.

c) Authorisation for Overnight Accommodation and Air Fares
To gain authorisation you will be required to contact Health Education South West

Failure to obtain the appropriate authorisation prior to travelling to your interview will result in your expenses for those items not being reimbursed.

d) Entitlements The following principles apply:-

  • For those attending an interview who are travelling from outside of the UK reimbursement is only payable from point of entry to the UK to the interview and return to the point (with receipts)
  • Night allowance (with prior authorisation being granted as detailed above) for staying in commercial accommodation can only be paid UP TO a maximum of £55 per night (bed and breakfast)
  • Night allowance (with prior authorisation being granted as detailed above) for staying in non-commercial accommodation (e.g. staying with friends/relative - names and addresses must be  supplied) is paid at a rate of £25 per night (no receipts are needed).

Meal allowance UP TO a maximum per meal as follows:

  • Lunch £5 per meal (receipts required)
  • Evening meal (only paid if you return home after 7pm £15 per meal (receipts required)
  • Mileage allowance is currently paid at the public transport rate of 28p per mile. Please ensure you enter the miles actually travelled in the appropriate column of the claim form. Mileage will be checked against the AA Route Planner and reimbursed on this basis.
  • Rail fares are reimbursable at the standard rate only (attach ticket/receipt)
  • Taxi fares will only be paid for short journeys such as from the nearest train station to interview venue (with receipt). Extensive taxi journeys will not be authorised or reimbursed.
  • Claims for incidental expenses e.g. newspapers, telephone calls and alcohol will not be reimbursed.

e) Incomplete Forms Claims will not be accepted without relevant receipts attached and incomplete forms will be returned to you.

f) Deadline for Submission 

The deadline for receipt of claims is one calendar month after your interview date. Candidates are advised to keep a copy of the form and receipts that they submit in case of problems with the postal service.

You will need to complete a form for each individual interview that you attend within Health Education South West.

The travel expenses form can be downloaded from our Travel and study leave expenses webpage at the bottom of the page. Please ensure XXAWORLEY is written on the PO Number section, at the top right hand corner of the page. Please ensure you sign the form manually.