Application Process

Original receipts should accompany every claim form to verify the authenticity of all expenditure detailed upon it. Claims should be submitted within six weeks of the event taking place and absolutely no later than three months.

Expenses for exams will not be reimbursed. Expenses for travel to/from exams will be reimbursed subject to the rates set out in the trainee guide to Travel & Subsistence expenses. Public transport should be used wherever possible. Flights within the UK may be considered if this is the most cost-effective option, however pre-approval must be obtained. Mileage shall be reimbursed at £0.28p per mile. See guidance for claiming travel and subsistence.

Approval for time off for study leave must be sought and agreed by rota manager (for trainees in hospital placements) or Practice Manager within GP training practices.

Please complete the study leave expenses claim form, have the claim authorised by Patch ES/TPD/AD, and return it via email, with receipts, to Gemma Sams