Annual Review of Competence Progression

The assessment procedure for General Practice Specialty Trainees (GPST), is known as the Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) and takes place once a year for all trainees regardless of whether you are training full time or part time. For more information about the ARCP process please follow the links on the left.

The Peninsula School of Primary Care has developed a checklist for GP trainers and trainees, which sets out the minimum evidence requirements trainees need to submit at each level of training.

For further information about the ARCP procedure or if you have any questions please email the Helpdesk

Please Note: GPSTs cannot claim travel expenses to an ARCP.

Before every ARCP GP Trainees need to complete the following:

  • Enhanced Form R - All Doctors in Training are required to complete the Enhanced Form R and the GP School are required to have this available in advance of the ARCP. On the form, you are requires to declare if you have been involved in any complaints, significant events, or investigated incidents since your previous Form R.
  • Wider Scope of Practice - please download and complete together with your Enhanced Form R if you have undertaken any work outside of your training.

Trainees must ensure their Enhanced Form R is submitted no earlier than 30 days before their ARCP date and that this is uploaded to their ePortfolio Learning Log.