ESR Guide - RCGP Step-by-step guide for completing the Educational Supervisor's Report (ESR)

  • Please remember you need to be listed as your trainee's educational supervisor on their ePortfolio.
  • If you still cannot see a trainee you are meant to have access to, please make sure that it is after the date they are meant to be coming to you. For example if you are becoming an educational supervisor/trainer to an ST3 you have not supervised before you will not have access to their profile until the date they start with you.

  • If you are still unable to view the trainee, please contact the helpdesk.
  • If you have forgotten your username or password we do not have access to this; you will need to contact the ePortfolio helpdesk whose contact details can be found on the ePortfolio login page.
  • When setting up reviews, the educational supervisor should put the date of the last day in post or when the six month changeover date is (please use this February date for ST3s even though they are not changing placements) NOT the date the educational meeting is due to happen otherwise the ePortfolio automatically takes the trainee out of a review period and cannot sign off the review.
  • If the incorrect date for the review has been entered and this date has passed so the review can no longer be seen, the educational supervisor can click on the review date and change the date to one in the future.
  • Ensure that the trainee is in the right review period before beginning the review, if the trainee self-rating has gone in to the wrong review this will have to be copied and pasted into the correct one.
  • If duplicate reviews have been set in error (eg. 2 x 6 month reviews), the incorrect review can be edited by the educational supervisor to be a future review (with the correct future review type and date). And then at a later date the future review can be added to and edited. Do not keep making new reviews when others are already set up as these cannot be deleted.
  • The MSF and PSQ results cannot be released by an educational supervisor until the correct review date has been set.
  • The correct review date and type must be set for the trainee’s evidence to be allocated to the correct review period. For example, if a trainee is in the middle of their ST2 year when they start using the ePortfolio, their first review will be their 24 month review (end of their ST2 year – after 24 months of training).
  • We cannot see a review until both the educational supervisor and trainee have signed it off, therefore if you have any problems with the review please contact the helpdesk.

  • We are unable to add a clinical supervisor to a trainee's profile unless they are in General Practice. All the necessary forms that the clinical supervisors in hospital need to complete can be found at the bottom of the ePortfolio log in page under 'Assessment Forms'.

  • The ePortfolio Helpdesk can be contacted on


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