Professional Skills Development and the Leadership Project

Professional and Leadership skills are crucial for future GPs and are featured in the RCGP Curriculum but are not currently formally taught or assessed. We hope that this project will provide the tools for development and assessment of these skills without creating unnecessary extra work for you all.

We believe that good leadership involves the use of multiple skills which will all be familiar to experienced trainers and Programme Directors and that these are best learnt by ‘doing’ and reflecting on the process in terms of its component skills. We therefore propose that the trainees should be involved in a compulsory simple clinical change project during the first 6 months of general practice and a second more comprehensive work based change management project in ST3. (See details attached)

We will introduce the plan to the trainees through the schemes and central Peninsula days and to trainers through the workshops with an opportunity to review progress at the Trainers’ Conference.

Introduction to Professional Skills Development/Leadership Project

Competencies for Professional Skills Development