Part Time Trainers

Guidelines for part-time trainers

Part-time GP Trainers are welcome provided that:

1. they are present in the practice for a minimum of 5 sessions a week or where there is more than one trainer in the practice they demonstrate there is always an approved trainer present for a minimum of 5 sessions a week.

2. they demonstrate they can provide the teaching and practical experience to fully meet the trainer criteria.

The trainer will decide what evidence to present for criterion 2, but should include things like a timetable and example training plan. In particular part-time trainers should show how they will meet the following selection criteria:

11) The trainer will organise adequate time for teaching and demonstrate a structured approach to providing suitable learning opportunities for the GPST including Out of Hours work.

15) The trainer ensures that the GPST has access to advice and support when consulting at all times

Existing part-time trainers are expected to be able to demonstrate how they meet these criteria. It is acceptable for a part-time trainer to have a full-time GPST as long as these criteria are met.

If you wish to become a part-time trainer, please contact your patch Associate Postgraduate Dean for discussion.