LEET programme Clinical Supervisor’s Report

To be completed prior to every ESR


Name of LEET:

Name of LEET leadership mentor:

Date of completion:

Date of next ESR:

Name of ES:



Can you summarise the LEETs key achievements in their project time? 





Can you give examples of where they’ve overcome a challenge to move their project forward?






Can you give examples of which “LEET opportunities” they’ve managed to engage with (from the deanery website) since the last ESR.





What agreed actions will the LEET make in the next 3-6 months?





Have you been happy with their progress, engagement, dedication and commitment to their project time? YES/ NO






Have they satisfactorily planned and used their time, resources and networks? YES/ NO






Have you any concerns about progress that you’d like to raise to the Educational Supervisor or LEET APD? YES/ NO