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SPEX1  SPEX1 is intended to serve as an early introduction to "consulting like a GP and is completed in General Practice in ST1/2" For registrars who are identified as needing extra support, it is an additional communication course that complements the VTS. The programme is available only upon invitation.

SPEX 1 is split into three sessions:
session 1: introduction to SPEX:
session 2: Small group sessions working with an actor to practice patient consultation skills
session 3: recorded consultation analysis.

Cohorts scheduled to run:
August – Oct
Nov – Feb
March - June

Session 1: 8th March 2023
Session 2: 28th and 29th March 2023
Session 3: 10th May 2023



 SPEX 2 Involves An experienced educator, frequently an AD, TPD, or RCGP examiner, providing individual support during ST3 to doctors in training, to improve consultation skills and pass the RCA.

Rolling programme with a cohort every other month March 2023 
SPEX AKT The SPEX AKT course is created to help GP registrars prepare for the RCGP. The SPEX AKT course offers specific support around approaches to taking the AKT exam. The SPEX AKT course is only available to those who have been invited. Six courses per year, scheduled to take place approx. three months ahead of each AKT diet.

14th March 2023