Personalised Learning and Development Plan (PLDP) Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a PLDP?

A personalised learning and development plan is a document that contains information about a doctor in training to share understanding of the previous experiences of a doctor and their possible learning and development needs.

Q2. Why?

This is a tool which is to be used to facilitate and support supervisors to proactively familiarise and get to know their doctors in training in a comprehensive way and hopefully then be better positioned to highlight individual and personalised trainee learning and or support needs.

Q3. Who completes it?

The doctor in training, before they first meet with a supervisor.

Q4. When and how?

The most useful is before the beginning (or at the beginning of a post)/ training to be used as part of an introductory “getting to know you” type meeting.

Q5. What happens to the PLDP form?

The doctor in training uploads it into the portfolio, or a comment made in the portfolio that the form has been used and discussed with a supervisor, and the doctor in training is to keep a copy of it if they do not want to upload it to their portfolio.

Q6. What then?

If wished, the trainee can re-visit the PLDP throughout training to aid discussions at the start of future posts/ rotations.