What does SPEX stand for?

Support for Performance and Exams.

It is a two-stage programme to improve consultation skills, pass the RCA and minimise extensions to training. It is additional support offered in addition to VTS training.

What is the difference between SPEX1 and SPEX2?

SPEX1 is a three-day consultation course offered in ST1/2.

SPEX2 is a 1:1 tutorial to improve consultation skills and pass the RCA in ST3.

Who is invited to SPEX1?

It is offered to any trainee with lower recruitment scores or AD concern.

When is SPEX1?

SPEX1 is offered in ST1/2 whilst in General Practice. It runs twice a year.

What is SPEX1?

This is a virtual, group-based course to introduce and practice GP consultation skills. The initial half day is lecture based on “Consulting like a GP”. Day 2 is in small groups to practice skills with actors. Day 3 is in small groups reviewing real consultations.

When is SPEX2?

SPEX2 is offered whilst in ST3.

What is SPEX2?

SPEX2 is a tutorial with the trainee, their ES and a specially trained SPEX educator. Prior to the tutorial the SPEX educator will watch three consultation recordings made by the trainee and offer advice on consultation skills with the RCA in mind. This is a one-off tutorial and the suggestions are taken forward by the trainee with support from the ES.

Who is invited to SPEX2?

Any ST3 who has been unsuccessful in RCA/SCA or have been referred by ADs or ACRP panels.

How many times can SPEX2 be done?

One intervention per RCA attempt although follow up sessions can be arranged if advised by ADs.

What leave do I use for SPEX?

This is taken as study leave.

If a doctor in training is offered a SPEX course in ST1/2, or an IMG communication course, do they need to use their normal study leave allowance?

Yes, this is taken as study leave.

For a SPEX2 tutorial in ST3, is this taken out of study leave allowance, or is it instead of the ‘normal’ GP tutorial that week?

 The SPEX2 tutorial is instead of the normal GP tutorial.

Are SPEX1 days half days or whole days?

SPEX1 days are half days.