1. South-West SuppoRTT virtual Junior Doctor Forum for Trainees in non-patient-facing roles and other vulnerable groups impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic
    First meeting: Wednesday 14th October at 6-7pm
    If you wish to attend and/or be informed of all future meetings please complete this short registration form by clicking the following link: https://glos-nhs.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/registration-for-south-west-supportt-vjdf-for-npf-trainees
    For further information or help please contact:
    Dr Elizabeth Armstrong: Glos.supporttfellow@nhs.net or Dr Tim Davis: Tim.Davis@hee.nhs.uk

  2. Guidance for trainees who are shielding 17 July 2020

  3. S-STAG Advice for ES, Trainers and Trainees 

  4. S-STAG Guide and Checklist for Trainers and supervisors 

  5. S-STAG Resource list including social medial platform where trainees could access information 

  6. S-STAG Activities to be considered while shielding 

  7. UKFPO guidance for shielding foundation trainees

  8. Latest documents released regarding impact of COVID on training and ARCP to our champions - regularly updated