GP Trainers’ Conference 2019 - Friday Workshop Choices

Friday Workshop 1


Walk for Wellbeing  

Facilitated by Dr Lucy Loveday 


Connecting Actively with Nature has been shown to improve our sense of well-being. The benefits of exercising in the great outdoors are essentially indoor exercise amplified! Using the landscape around us, we shall enjoy a walk together and learn some useful tools for well-being along the way.... JOIN US and bring your waterproofs! 



Women in Medical Leadership 

Facilitated by Dr Lucinda Harris 


How can we help our female trainees overcome barriers of unconscious gender bias? In this workshop we can explore what these barriers are, why they occur (both from the trainee themselves and externally) and how things can be different if we are all aware of the gender biases that can prevent clinicians from going for the leadership roles they might be capable of. 




Facilitated by Dr Stephanie Jackson  


Chronic stress is linked to the 6 leading causes of death. Often we are unaware of it. Allostatic load is "the wear and tear on the body" which accumulates as an individual is exposed to repeated or chronic stress. Embodied self awareness offers an antidote this process. Join me for a session of simple yoga, and relaxation. Experiential knowing enhances outcomes of our stress management advice to trainees and patients. 


Experiencing a Balint Group 

Facilitated by Dr Juliet Campling 


I have been in a Balint style peer support group for over 20 years and find it essential to understanding why I find some patients challenging. I propose to run a group using a case brought by one of the participants so I hope we can experience how a Balint group works. For anyone who is curious about such groups- or any enthusiasts who want to come and help it run well. 


How to Become Greener in my Practice

Facilitated by Dr Jim Evans


A discussion workshop of the environmental impact of a practice and how we might be able to improve this, and pass this information on to our trainees. Bring an idea along that you have implemented, or would like to implement. Blue sky thinking encouraged!




Trainee Led Workshop 

Facilitated by Dr Sarah Andrews and Dr Helen Rogers 


This workshop will discuss the projects that ex-Peninsula trainees have been undertaking, as well as their experiences of the training programme from a trainee point-of-view. 



Vaccinations, Climate Change, Brexit

Facilitated by Dr Ben Titford


How to have challenging conversations with opposing views.

Is it possible to have meaningful dialogue in areas where views are opposed?


Friday Workshop 2


Differential Attainment  

Facilitated by Dr David Hopes  

Differential Attainment is the term used to describe the phenomenon that Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic doctors, and in particular International Medical Graduates (IMG) tend to have worse exam and career progression outcomes than their white colleagues throughout their medical careers. 

This is particularly relevant as our intake of IMG doctors to GP training is rising. 

This workshop will look at some of the evidence around causes for this, the implications for trainees and what we can do as trainers and VTS schemes to support these doctors. 



Rapid Hypnosis in General Practice 

Facilitated by Dr Toh Wong  


Learn simple Hypnotic Principles you can use in your 10 minute consultation - includes a demonstration of hypnosis. 



‘Jog On’ 

Facilitated by Barry McKenna and James Ashby 


I am more physically and mentally exhausted after a day at work than after a physical endurance event and this has always intrigued me. I wonder what the effect would be of introducing protected time in my day for even a short period of exercise? This workshop gives you the opportunity to look at the personal mental health, long-term mental health benefits and daily productivity outcomes of such an intervention... whilst running of course. 



Sustainable GP Training for Self Sustaining GPs 

Facilitated by Dr Kate Embling and Dr Linda Simpson 


A high proportion of GPs now work "Less than Full Time" as a way of sustaining themselves and managing a range of other interests and commitments. This is working for both of us and seems to be working for our trainees.  

An increasing proportion of them also want to train and indeed work in this more sustainable way. This may soon be this the new normal for GP training. 

There are advantages and disadvantages to this approach for all concerned. 

Come along and share your experiences, ideas and questions about how we can make it work. 



Healthy Communities 

Facilitated by Dr James Mottram  


We all know the benefits of physical activity for both people's physical and mental health, but how can we as a profession really harness the true potential of an 'exercise is medicine' approach?  

This will not be some didactic rant as to why we should be supporting our communities to be more physically active (hopefully that is a given!), but more of an open discussion about how we as a profession can work with, and in doing so, influence our STP's/local councils and the likes to really change policy and implement change. 

This could well be the start of an exciting network to really influence change in the future............ 



Motivational Interviewing Based Health Coaching for Behavioral Change 

Facilitated by Dr Tim Anstiss  


Many of our patients would experiences improved health, wellbeing and clinical outcomes if they were able to change one or more of their behaviours - e.g. physical activity, diet, smoking, medication taking, alcohol use. But it doesn't matter how many reasons you might have for your patient to change, what matters is how many reasons they have - and these are best discovered in conversation rather than supplied by you. Patients are also much more likely to change if they come up with the ideas about how, and are reasonably confident they can be successful. In this workshop I will demonstrating several simple coaching techniques which seem to increase the chances that people start and persist with behaviour change, as well as giving you opportunities to have a practice to build your confidence. 



Gentle, Beginner Friendly, 'Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs' - Inspired Yoga Workshop

Facilitated by Anna Huette