Quality Panels Training (Torbay) - For Trainees

Category: Training - Other

Date: May 29th 2015

Location: Anna Dart Lecture room - Horizon Centre TQ2 7AA

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Quality panels are a new way that the deanery will be assessing every job in the region and replaces the deanery visits that used to occur at each trust.

The training sessions will explain how this process will work.

The sessions will only be short (< 1hr) and will run three times during the day at each trust. It is open to every trainee in the region


Session Details

Date: Friday 29th May 

Times: 10:30am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm


To apply please send your Name and preferred time to: Sophie.Mathoulin@southwest.hee.nhs.uk

Further inquiries should be made to Sophie.Mathoulin@southwest.hee.nhs.uk