How much Study Leave can a GP Specialty Trainee have?

During the training year, each full-time Trainee is entitled to 30 days study leave a year.

This is pro-rata for incomplete years and for those that work less than full time. Those who work less than full time should complete a calendar year of half day release course sessions, attendance after that being at the discretion of the trainee, educational supervisor and Training Programme Director. The VTS half day release counts towards 15 of these days each year.

How much study leave do full time trainees get?

All full-time trainees get 30 days a year. This is pro rata for trainees working less than full time, so for someone who is working 60% LTFT this will be 18 days per academic year (Aug - Aug).  Your VTS teaching needs to be taken off these days.

How much of my study leave is for "Compulsory Education"?

There are 40 half days of compulsory education (attendance must be above 70% of these to complete the ST3 year), this includes morning group work, whole day sessions etc.

Study Leave can be used for “Independent Learning” What does that mean?

During ST3, the 40 half days not reserved for compulsory education are to be spent in supervisor-approved study. (more details of which are to be found in the Working Week and Study Leave Guidance). The trainee must identify their learning needs with their supervisor and document them on their PDP leading to the identification of a suitable session to fulfill this need and have the necessary study leave agreed by the supervisor. Teaching provided by the practice will not require study leave. Activities undertaken in independent study sessions of approved study leave must fulfill school guidelines relating to acceptability of study undertaken.

All other sessions will be based in the practice undertaking work within the curriculum

My course is at a weekend. May I take study-leave time out of my working week in lieu of this?


Are there any checks on the study leave that I have taken?

There are random audit checks to ensure that trainees have used study leave days as agreed.

A course I would like to book takes place on a non-working day, can I swap one of my working days and take it as study leave in order to attend?

If course attendance is required by the School and no other dates are available then yes. In all other circumstances the course would have to be re-booked on an alternative date, or taken in the trainee's own time.

My course or event is organised by the school and takes place during a structured teaching session (half day release).  Can my course count towards my 70% attendance requirement?

If the event is deemed as mandatory by the programme then the event will count towards your attendance requirement.  If it is not mandatory, it will be counted as independent learning like any other study leave event.

Do I have a study leave budget if I am on an Out of Programme Experience?


Do I get study leave for exams?

You are required to request study leave to take professional exams although you cannot use your study leave budget to pay for the examination cost.

How do I claim study leave expenses?

(Peninsula) Study leave is claimed through completing the study leave expenses form and sending this in to the Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education office at the Raleigh Building. Each trainee has a study leave budget of £300 per training year. This cannot be carried over from each academic year; if it is not used during the training year it is lost.

How to claim study leave