LEET Job Description


All LEETS will be expected to:

  • Develop networking opportunities within the wider deanery and HEE teams and the local primary care community.
  • Develop a major project over the year that is written up and presented to their cohort and mentors.
  • Attend key meetings within the GP Specialty Training programme (Patch) and the school as required.
  • Attend regular LEET support meetings.
  • Keep a log of how and when their LEET time is used and on what activity to ensure they remain within the additional time offered. This should be shared with their ES.
  • Promote their work to their GPST peers.
  • Promote their work to their training practice and local trainer’s groups.
  • Develop leadership and educational skills via the HEE South West leadership programme.
  • Take opportunities to further management skills.
  • Gain a better understanding of the local and national position of primary care in relation to CCGs, public health and secondary care.
  • Attend recruitment training and taking part in Stage 3 of the GP Recruitment Process.
  • Work sustainably including sensible use of office equipment, facilities, and supplies, considering carbon expenditure when travelling, working electronically where possible.
  • Adhere to the guidance on the Deanery website for the LEET programme.


LEET Person Specification







Current GPST3 in HEE South West region


BSc, or other relevant qualification*



Excellent performance on Severn GPST programme including evidence by ARCP reviews


Evidence of taking on additional roles and learning opportunities whilst in Severn


Leadership role at undergraduate or postgraduate level




Experience of teaching at undergraduate or postgraduate level


Knowledge and/or experience in medical or educational research


Evidence of high level strategic thinking




Excellent verbal, written and presentation communication skills




Evidence of excellent professional working relationships




Computer literacy*




Positive, proactive approach; “Can do” attitude.




Ability to travel*




Awareness of the need for Sustainable Healthcare


Confidentiality and professionalism

Awareness of the sensitivities & confidentiality issues of working closely with the senior management team at Severn




At training practice*




From local educational team*




*assessed by application form