The new GPRS allows for more experienced doctors to be retained in the GP workforce later in their careers. Among these more doctors are approved Educational Supervisors who may wish to continue their involvement in postgraduate GP education whilst on the GPRS. HEE is conscious of contribution and commitment that these doctors have shown to GP education during their careers, and we value their experience and expertise.

However there are a number of issues that need to be recognised. Among these are the difficulty of providing clinical supervision to trainees when working limited hours with a defined remit on the GPRS, and the issue that the doctor and practice need to ensure that they are not being paid twice (via the GPRS sessional reimbursement and the trainer grant) for the same work.

We are happy to consider applications from doctors in this situation providing:

  • They are engaged by the practice to provide educational supervision in sessions outwith their claimable GPRS sessions, and entirely funded by the practice for this work
  • Other arrangements for clinical supervision of the trainee doctors are provided by the practice
  • They do not use their CPD time to provide this service
  • They should not be the lead supervisor for foundation doctors or medical students.

Martyn Hewett, John Edwards, Sarah Robbins. Michael Tutty