Returning to GP Training after Maternity Leave

For more information regarding maternity leave, please email the Helpdesk.


  • The contents of this document do not overrule or replace any current statutory legal requirements
  • Doctors on a GP Vocational Training Scheme are entitled to return to a relevant rotation working under the same conditions as when they left (for example if working full-time when maternity leave begins then there will be a straightforward return to full-time working, subject to the conditions below)
  • Doctors on a GP Vocational Training Scheme who wish to return under different circumstances (such as Less Than Full Time Training - LTFT) should be aware that their return will depend on fulfilling the criteria outlined on the HEE LTFT policy and the availability of a suitable rotation.
  • GP training appointments are made to rotations and doctors returning to work with no change of circumstances will normally return to their rotation but not necessarily to the post they left

Information for doctors returning to full-time work in a hospital post (ie no change of circumstances)

  • The Education Programme Co-ordinator should be given a planned return date as early as possible
  • The sooner this date is known the greater the chance of a return on the planned date.  This is because in order to return to a post outside the usual starting dates (February and August) special arrangements have to be made, usually involving the Hospital Trust employing a locum until the returning doctor can start the post
  • Similarly it may not be possible to start in a particular February or August if insufficient notice of the return date is given, because arrangements may already have been made in good faith to fill that post

Information for doctors wishing to return to less than full-time training (LTFT) in a hospital post

Please refer to the HEE LTFT Policy 

  • The Education Programme Co-ordinator should be informed as early as possible if you wish to return to LTFT
  • An application should be made completed, using the appropriate LFT 1 form
  • An appropriate training rotation should be arranged and, if in a hospital post, an LFT 2 form should be completed and returned to the Education Programme Coordinator.  You should discuss the training placement requirements with your local Training Programme Director before you finalise your plans

Information for doctors wishing to return to LTFT as a GP Registrar (ST3)

  • The Education Programme Coordinator should be informed as early as possible of your planned return date
  • You should complete an LFT1 form requesting a return to part-time training with your planned date of return. 
  • Once approval is granted you should discuss your return with your local TPD team who will advise you about training practice vacancies so that you can make arrangements to visit the practices and trainers to make your decision

July 2018