Competencies for

Professional Skills Development

Personal Qualities

  • Self Awareness : being aware of their own values, principles, assumptions and by being able to learn from experiences
  • Self Management: organising and managing themselves while taking account of the needs and priorities of others
  • Self Development: learning through participating in continuing professional development and from experience and feedback.
  • Acting with Integrity : behaving in an open and ethical manner.

Working with Others

  • Developing Networks: working in partnership with colleagues, patients, carers, service users and their representatives, within and across systems to deliver and improve services.
  • Building and Maintaining Relationships: listening, supporting others, gaining trust and showing understanding.
  • Encouraging contribution: creating an environment where others have the opportunity to contribute.
  • Working within teams: to deliver and improve services. 

Managing Services

  • Planning: actively contributing to plans to achieve service goals
  • Managing Resources : knowing what resources are available and using their influence to ensure that resources are used efficiently and safely.
  • Managing people providing direction, reviewing performance and motivating others.
  • Managing Performance : holding themselves and others accountable for service outcomes.

Improving services

  • Ensuring Patient Safety : assessing and managing risk to patients associated with service improvement.
  • Critically Evaluating : being able to think analytically, conceptually and to identify where services can be improved.
  • Encouraging innovation : creating a climate of continuous service improvement.
  • Facilitating transformation: actively contributing to change processes that lead to improving healthcare.

Setting Direction

  • Identifying the Contexts for Change : being aware of the range of factors to be taken into account.
  • Applying Knowledge and Evidence : gathering information to produce an evidence-based challenge to systems and processes in order to identify opportunities for service improvements.
  • Making Decisions : integrating values with evidence to inform decisions.
  • Evaluating Impact: measuring and evaluating outcomes, taking corrective action where necessary and by being held to account for their decisions