Career Refresh for Medicine (CaReforMe)

The Career Refresh for Medicine programme (CaReforMe) has been developed to help support doctors who have had a break in practice, including those new to the NHS, return more easily and safely. It is a facilitative programme, meaning eligible doctors are still responsible for finding an appropriate post.


CaReforMe Overview

The CaReforMe programme aims to compliment other existing return to practice programmes such as:-


Who is Eligible?

For information on eligibility please refer to the following documents: -


How do I Apply?

In order to apply for the programme, doctors will need to submit an application form which will be available on the HEE website.  The application will ask for an overview of your personal details and background such as clinical experience to date.  This will be used to assess your eligibility for the programme.

Once approved by HEE for access onto the programme, you will be signposted to resources available for the appropriate phase of the programme.

Expressions of interest for the next round of applications are now open. Please register your interest here. 


The CaReforMe Process & Resources Available

There are three phases in the CaReforMe process: -

Ready Phase

Steady Phase

Go Phase

Doctor applies for CaReforMe programme and HEE checks to ensure eligibility of applicant.

During the Ready Phase the applicant can make use of the following resources: -


Doctor has met the eligibility criteria and is accepted onto the CaReforMe programme.  The doctor should be actively hunting for an NHS funded post in the South West.

The applicant can remain on the steady phase for up to 12 months during this time, less cost-intensive resources will be provided: -

Doctor has met the eligibility criteria and has been offered an NHS funded post in the South West.  There is funding available for supernumerary days and for relevant courses.

The applicant can remain on the Go Phase for approximately 6 months.

Once proof of post has been received the applicant can apply for access to: -

  • Local Trust/HEE SuppoRTT/specialty courses relevant to the accepted post.
  • External national courses specific to the accepted post (if necessary and unavailable locally).
  • Three mandatory supernumerary orientation days on commencement of post if the applicant has been out of practice for more than 6 months.


Responsibilities & Commitments Once Accepted on the CaReforMe Programme

Successful Applicants Responsibilities

Employers Responsibility

Health Education England South West CaReforMe Responsibilities

  • To apply for an NHS funded post that requires GMC registration in England
  • To keep in touch with the South West CaReforMe team via email ( regarding job search and any changes to GMC registration
  • To advise the South West CaReforMe team as soon as you have been offered an NHS funded post, so that we can advise you of the resources available and make a timely introduction to the local Trust Champion. 
  • Protect allocated 3 x supernumerary days (if eligible)
  • Agree to release doctors to approved courses
  • Ensure doctors suitability for the post
  • Health and wellbeing of doctor
  • Occupational Health
  • Appropriate support and supervision of doctor
  • To signpost to resources
  • Funding of 3 x Supernumerary days (if eligible)
  • Funding of relevant courses dependent on CaReforMe Phase
  • Introduction to local Trust Champion on progression to Go Phase


South West CaReforMe Team & Contact Details

Throughout the CaReforMe process please do not hesitate to contact the South West CaReforMe team via email and we will do our best to answer your questions.

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