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HEE Training Courses

The 'Return to Training - Ready, Steady, Go!' course for Doctors in Training and the 'Support the Doctor Returning to Training' for SuppoRTT Champions and Supervisors can be booked through the MaxCourse system. 

Here is a guide to MaxCourse. 

For further information and assistance, or to set up a MaxCourse account, please contact


External Training Courses

February 2023

Return to Work Course - All Medical Specialties and Emergency Medicine - North Bristol NHS Trust - 24 February 2023 (9.30am to 4pm)

  • Free for all South West Trainees 
  • Programme includes:-
    • Supportive Mentoring
    • Tips and tricks for returning to work
    • Simulation
    • Practical Skills
  • Suitable for all Medical trainees (CT/ST1 and above), EM trainees and locally employed doctors
  • Location: The Clinical Simulation Space, Learning & Research Building, North Bristol NHS Trust, Southmead, Bristol
  • For more information and to book a place please email: 



A series of knowledge refresher webinars for doctors who are coming back from a break from clinical practice into an unprecedented and uncertain period of clinical work are available via: SuppoRTT Digital Online Resources 


Online Learning

E-learning Hub

This e-learning programme aims to enable doctors returning to clinical training following a period of prolonged absence to regain their confidence and clinical skills quickly and safely, thereby enhancing trainee wellbeing and patient safety.  Please remember to register for e-LfH first using your email.


Virtual Reality

Remote Consultation

This is an immersive 360* video resource based around remote consultation. It was originally developed with shielding/displaced trainees in mind; however, this will be a useful resource for anyone consulting remotely. It addresses key skills including communication, using the multidisciplinary team, clinical management and safeguarding, as well as offering the opportunity to 'step inside' the consultation from the patient's perspective!

Escalating Concerns and Speaking up

This virtual reality (VR) resource was developed by the SuppoRTT team in Health Education England for doctors returning to training, which uses a clinical scenario to explore the topic of Escalating Concerns and Speaking Up, skills that are increasingly recognised as contributing to the quality and safety of care for patients. Learners will explore techniques and develop skills in a safe, virtual environment.


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The deanery websites also have lists of all events available to trainees within the region, some of which will be applicable to the return to work process: 


If you are faculty for any other return-to-work courses in the South West, please do let us know. Email and we will add the details of the course to this information page.