Finance Information

Reimbursements whilst a GPST is placed in Practice

Educational Supervisor payments
Each GPST1 and 2 is assigned an Educational Supervisor (ES) regardless of whether the trainee is in a GP Practice placement or a Trust post placement. Generally the ES will remain the same throughout the first two years of the training programme and change when the trainee progresses to GPST3 and moves into their final year. Whilst in practice the ES becomes known as 'GP Trainer' and the GP trainers allowance becomes payable.

For GPST1/2s only their ES receives a payment of £42 per month payable in a lump sum at the end of the 12m training year (in arrears). Practices will have to invoice Health Education England annually. The School of Primary Care will provide the relevant information (by email) towards the end of a training year (July) to enable the practice to submit an accurate invoice (template invoice) the payment of which are paid direct to the GP Practice's bank account

Annual GP trainers CPD Grant
Each active trainer (defined as not having more than one fallow year between GPST placements) regardless of whether they currently have a GPST assigned to them, qualifies for an annual Continual Professional Development (CPD) Grant of £750 per annum. This payment is generated on receipt of an invoice to Health Education England.  Full information on how and when to claim will be provided by the School of Primary Care.

Trainers Grant

£7,908 per GPST per/annum (paid monthly for the duration of the trainees placement with the Practice) via Capita. This payment is triggered by the Primary Care School when the trainee starts the placement. Please liaise with Jemma Waugh at the Primary Care School if any amendments to dates or for remedial training extension payments become necessary. Please note that Trainer Grant payments are not made during periods of maternity leave. Trainer grant is paid up to 12 months whilst a trainee is on sick leave from a practice placement. Less than full time trainees still attract full trainer grant payments.  Trainer grant is payable to LEETs (ST4's) at a reduced rate of one third of full grant.