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2018 GP Recruitment

Welcome to the webpages for GP training in the South West of England. This training is run by Health Education England, working across the South West, made up of Severn and Peninsula Regions (previously known as Severn and Peninsula Deaneries).

Our website contains important information which we hope will inspire you to train in the South West. We are excited that, for the third time this year, the two Primary Care Schools (Severn and Peninsula) are working together as one.

There have been some significant changes to the Recruitment process since 2016, applicants are now required to apply at Programme level (e.g. Bristol, Cornwall, North Devon, Somerset) rather than at deanery level (e.g. HESW, Severn or Peninsula), giving applicants a greater choice of training rotations to choose from across the country. The information below is supported by links to both Primary Care Schools and their training programme websites. 


Targeted Enhanced Recruitment Scheme (TERS) - 2017 Round 2 (Feb 2018 Start)

The Peninsula and Severn Schools of Primary Care are excited to announce they have been allocated  a number of TERS funded posts. Successful applicants appointed to these posts will be entitled to a financial  incentive in the form of a  £20,000 salary supplement once they have taken up their post. This scheme is open to GP trainees committed to working for three years.

Further information about the TERS scheme further information can be found here: BMA, GP NRO, NHS England

The TERS posts available for Round 2, February 2018 start are in Cornwall (6), Somerset (3) and Swindon (11), they will be highlighted with TERS next to the rotation number.


 The Training Programmes

There are ten Primary Care training programmes across HEE in the South West extending from Gloucester in the North, to Cornwall in the South. The programmes are listed in alphabetical order below. The training programmes affiliated to the Severn Primary Care School are identified by a ‘S’ in parenthesis, those affiliated to the Peninsula School by a ‘P’.

• Bath(S)

• Bristol(S)

• Cornwall(P)

• Exeter(P)

• Gloucester(S)

• North Devon(P)

• Plymouth(P)

• Somerset(S)

• Swindon(S)

• Torbay(P)


The Primary Care Schools

We are very proud to be able to offer a choice of training programmes in the South West. Severn and Peninsula Primary Care Schools reliably outperform most other UK GP schools for trainee success at the MRCGP exam. Trainee satisfaction surveys show that our trainees are amongst the happiest in the UK. This is explained by our excellent training placements, committed educators and expert administration support. The outstanding and varied geography of the South West of England with its mix of rural and urban environments, provides something for everyone . For those who can have too much of a good thing, there are excellent rail, road and airline links to London, the midlands and the north. Visit the school websites for more details.

Making your GP training programme selection

Firstly, make sure you apply to our programmes listed above.

Applicants may select a combination of any of the 10 programmes listed above and should preference their choices according to where they would be prepared to train. Please note some training programmes are more popular than others, so places are awarded competitively and for this reason candidates are advised not to choose fewer than 5 schemes. Applicants should include all the schemes they would be prepared to work in, in case they are unsuccessful in gaining a place in their preferred programme.

Appointments to training rotations in HESW are competitive, based upon the candidates’ performance in the selection process. However, HESW reserves the right to appoint candidates according to the needs of HESW, the local training schemes and the needs of individual candidates.

To help you understand and navigate the recruitment and selection process we have put some questions together. If your query isn’t answered then please e-mail us.


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