Expense Guidance

Those attending interviews are entitled to claim back reasonable expenses incurred as a result of attending the interview. There are certain rules regarding receiving this entitlement which should be adhered to. It is, therefore, important that you are aware of these prior to making your journey to the interview.

Severn Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME) will try wherever possible to arrange convenient interview times for those travelling from further afield to negate the requirement for overnight accommodation. It is suggested that where possible candidates travel by rail to reduce journey times.

Accommodation and Subsistence

If you wish to claim subsistence both the amount and the journey times must be stated on the claim form. Subsistence claims are subject to the maximum allowances below. Please ensure when claiming subsistence allowance that you also attach all receipts (except mileage) and detail the times of absence from base.

When staying overnight in a hotel, guesthouse or other commercial accommodation, the overnight costs will be reimbursed as follows:


Maximum Claim - Total Amount


including breakfast

up to £55.00

Lunch allowance
more than five hours away from base, including the lunchtime period between 12pm to 2pm


Evening Meal allowance
more than ten hours away from base and return after 7pm


or Evening Meal allowance per 24 hour period


Staying in non-commercial accommodation
eg staying with friends/relatives - names and addresses must be supplied.  No receipts are needed and no other allowance can be claimed with this

£25 per night

Over nights stay in a hotel will normally only be deemed necessary where the candidate has travelled in excess of 50 miles and has an early morning interview slot. Candidates will require prior the in order to claim for overnight accommodation. To gain authorisation you will be required to contact the deanery via severn.stsupport@southwest.nhs.uk who will then e-mail you with a reference number that you should quote when you submit your claim. Failure to obtain the appropriate authorisation prior to travelling to your interview will result in your expenses for those items not being reimbursed.
No reimbursement will be made for any alcoholic drinks purchased. Claims for incidental expenses e.g. newspapers and telephone calls will not be reimbursed.

Candidates need to state time of journeys etc in order to claim subsistence.

For those attending an interview who are travelling from outside of the UK, reimbursement is only payable from the point of entry to the UK to the interview and return to the point of entry (with receipts).


Candidates are normally expected to travel by public transport. Supersavers and Standard Class rail fares only are refunded. The most cost effective fare must be sought for rail travel. Wherever possible please buy your ticket in advance to ensure this.

If a private Motor car is used, mileage allowance will be paid at public transport rate. Mileage allowance is currently paid at the public transport rate of 24p per mile. Please ensure you enter the miles actually travelled in the appropriate column of the claim form. Mileage will be checked against the AA Route Planner and reimbursed on this basis.

Taxi fares will only be paid for short journeys such as from the nearest train station to the interview venue (with receipt) and where an adequate public service is not available and not from candidates home to the venue. Extensive taxi journeys will not be reimbursed.

Payment for travel by air will not exceed the cost of travel by appropriate alternative means of transport together with an allowance equivalent to the amount of any saving in subsistence expenses consequent on travel by air. The Deanery reserves the right to reimburse the cheapest option wherever relevant. Again, you would need prior authorisation for this arrangement

Severn PGME would not normally pay expenses for travel to the deanery for candidates who live within the greater Bristol area..

Incomplete Forms

All claims will be scrutinised prior to authorisation to ensure that the claims are Legitimate. Claims will not be accepted without relevant receipts attached and incomplete forms will be returned to you.

Deadline for Submission

The deadline for receipt of claims is two weeks after your interview date any received after this date will not be processed. Candidates are advised to keep a copy of the form and receipts that they submit, in case of problems with the postal service.

Travel expenses will not be paid if you fail to provide evidence of the following:

  • that you have foundation programme competencies in your portfolio as detailed in the application form, as your application has been processed on the basis that you have declared that you have evidence of foundation programme competencies
  • your right to work in the UK at the time the advert closed.
  • Candidates who withdraw at interview or who do not take up an offer of a post are not eligible to claim expenses and therefore will not be reimbursed.
  • Severn PGME will not reimburse candidates for travel to pre-interview visits.
  • If your travel arrangements require Deanery approval, costs will not be reimbursed if you fail to obtain such approval in writing.

If you have any queries, please email SEVGPSchool.SW@hee.nhs.uk 

Forms should be returned to:

Morgan Williams, SoPC Administrator via SEVGPSchool.SW@hee.nhs.uk