Why choose General Practice as a career?

Because you really can have it all!

No other career in medicine can offer you greater flexibility, range of opportunities or diversity of challenges than life as a GP.

The explosion of opportunities within general practice means that you can now have a career that truly reflects your values, interests, aspirations and lifestyle. General practice is still a profession where the doctor patient relationship is at the heart of good patient care and recognises the value of continuity of care and family medicine. The profession is, however, enlightened enough to understand that doctors might need several different roles in order to realise their true potential. A portfolio career is increasingly recognised as a positive, healthy approach to a life in General Practice.

Thus, at one end of the spectrum, working in full time general practice serving your local community can still be an incredibly rewarding career. Whilst at the other end, it is possible to combine part time general practice with bringing up a family or integrate general practice with interests as varied as medical journalism and high altitude medicine.

With such a feast of opportunities on offer to literally suit everyone, the real question is, why choose anything else?