Comparison of Schemes

There are two schemes available to GPs who are returning to practice after absence. Please see the table below for more information. There is also the International Induction Programme which is available for GP's that have qualified outside of the UK, for more information on this scheme please visit the national website



Return to Practice


Who it is aimed at Out of GP for more than 2 years Educational programme to bridge flexible working, less than 2 years out of practice
What type of practice Training practice Approved by Health Education England SW or Training practice
Salary level A bursary of £3,500 full time equivalent, on a monthly pro rata basis is available. Negotiated with practice. An annual bursary of up to £4,000 is available to assist with the cost of indemnity cover, professional expenses and CPD needs.
Salary reimbursed Not applicable Approximately 25% per session
MDU/MPS reimbursed? No Bursary available to assist with costs
Number of sessions per week Minimum 4, maximum 9, to allow time to reflect on learning needs 1-4
Length of scheme 3-6 months in practice whole time equivalent Up to 5 years, renewed annually
How to apply for scheme

Through the GP NRO website

 The Severn Post Graduate Medical Education School of Primary Care: 
End points Various assessments throughout training 5 years permitted on the scheme
Training grant payable? Yes No


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