Trainer Finance

Payments for GP training are as follows:

  • Trainers Grant - £9240 per GPST per/annum (paid monthly for the duration of the trainees placement with the Practice) via Capita. This payment is triggered by the Primary Care School when the trainee starts the placement. Please contact the programme support team at the School of Primary Care if any amendments to dates or for remedial training extension payments become necessary.
    • Please note that Trainer Grant payments are not made during periods of maternity leave. 
    • Trainer grant is paid up to 12 months whilst a trainee is on sick leave from a practice placement.
    • Less than full time trainees still attract full trainer grant payments.
    • Trainer grant is payable to LEETs (ST4's) at a reduced rate of one third of full grant.
  • Trainers’ annual CPD grant - £750. This is sent to the practice by NHS England Southwest. Please note this is paid prospectively between October-December for that academic year. For example, the payment made in December 2022 will be for trainees supervised from August 2022-July 2023. Please liaise with our finance team if you have any queries about this payment.
  • The GP Educational Supervisors’ payment in the South West Peninsula is £504 per trainee, per year, in ST1 and ST2. Educational Supervisor payments are not paid while trainees are taking time out of programme such as during maternity leave or long term sickness absence. In ST3 educational supervision is included within the Trainers’ Grant (see above). Please liaise with our finance team if you have any queries about this payment.