• Remind your supervisees of the requirements for submission to the next ARCP, submissions will be expected at least two weeks beforehand
  • Remember, however, it is your supervisee's responsibility to know what they should submit and make sure they submit by the deadline. If the deadline date is missed then they are likely to be awarded Outcome 5 (insufficient evidence presented to the panel) and their progression may be delayed
  • Remember to complete the ES report for the panel
  • Remember to read your supervisee's log entries and link their entries to the competencies

ES review timings - Q & A

(A review of discussion points made by other postgraduate medical education centres, answers come from the RCGP)

Q: Concerning the annual review is, say, June, and the review needs to take place at least 2 weeks before this to allow time for the evidence to be distributed it to all panel members before the panel meets, when exactly should the educational supervisor do the reviews i.e. month 4 and 10, or 6 and 10, or 6 and 12? Is the "6 months" the deadline rather than the time of the review?

A: The reviews are 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 and 34 months and the last one needs to be done prior to the ARCP. For ease when entering on the portfolio you do not set the date on the day it is done but for the end of that review period so for example 6 month reviews for August starters should be dated 31/1/08.

You can put a note within the review regarding the exact meeting date.

The actual meeting will have to take place earlier for reviews that are 'year end' reviews (12/24/34). The 6/18/30 month reviews could probably be done closer to the end of the 6 month period.

Q: I was worried that setting the review date AFTER the ES meeting (i.e. at the post end date) allows the GPST to upload evidence that has not been discussed with their educational supervisor, but APPEARS to the panel at ARCP review as though it is evidence that has been discussed with the ES.’

A: In this situation the following are possible options:

1) Some educational supervisors make a note of the date they are actually doing the review (meeting the trainee) within the review document. This would mean that since assessments and evidence are dated you would be able to tell which were added after the review date.

2) Some ES' make a note within the review that more evidence may be added before the end of the post or they go back to the review and save further notes regarding evidence that has been added in the meantime.