Educational Supervision Meeting – GP Specialist Trainee Preparation Checklist

The ePortfolio can be bewildering, especially at first, because there is a lot in it. This form captures most of the contents of the ePortfolio, in a checklist.

The GPST has ownership and responsibility for ensuring that all the evidence is in place in their ePortfolio (as with all aspects of GP workplace based assessment). We’ve had a number of GP Specialist Trainees at ARCP panel interviews who have said “but no one told me....”: this holds no justification and it’s therefore important you understand it is your responsibility to find out and satisfy what is necessary for satisfactory training progression. This is especially important for the educational supervision meeting that precedes the annual review of competency progression (ARCP) panels.

Getting the most out of your educational supervision meetings involves prior preparation on your part and on your educational supervisor’s part. This checklist is an aid to your preparation. It is hoped that if you complete the form in advance, your educational supervision meeting will not be dominated by checking the ePortfolio and you will get more out of the meeting as a result.

The checklist is designed to help you ensure that your evidence is complete. It may help reduce the incidence of GPSTs coming to ARCP panels with incomplete evidence and thus earning an unsatisfactory outcome, so we offer it “in your best interests”.

It’s a long form out of necessity; there’s a lot you need to do as a GP Specialist Trainee. We suggest you save the form on your computer and plan how you’ll cover all aspects at the beginning of each of your posts. Then, if you complete it electronically and attach it as a professional conversation in your shared learning log prior to your educational supervision meeting, it should assist the educational supervision meeting.

This form is not an assessment; you do not pass or fail anything by completing this form. In particular, some of the questions refer to things that may be beyond your control so if, for example, your log entries have not been read, then this does not necessarily reflect on you, but it might be something that you’d like to discuss further with your educational supervisor.

An educational supervision meeting could not possibly cover all the areas in this checklist in great depth; therefore you can use the form to indicate to your educational supervisor which are areas of priority for review.

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