Additional training requirements

Successful candidates are appointed during ST2 to a 13 (rather than the normal 12) month ST3 scholarship. This allows an additional 20 working days within ST3 to develop additional expertise.


Guidance for GP ST3 Scholars who extend to 13 months


An additional 6 hours, so a total of 78 hours


Over the 13 months to complete:

  • At least 12 clinically-based CBDs and at least one CBD related to the scholarship area
  • 12 COTs
  • Regular learning log entries, with a pro-rata number relating to the scholarship area (usually put in the “audit/project” or “professional conversation” section

Annual Leave

An additional 2 days

Study Leave

An additional 3 days - attendance at the day release course is not required in the extra 13th month of training.

Professional Leave

One additional day