Timeline for 2022 Scholarship Applications




Advert published 22/04/2022
Open date for applications 22/04/2022
Deadline for application submissions 11/05/2022
Date of interviews  TBC (Likely to be from 24/05/2022)
Offers made 20/06/2022 (estimate)


Please note that some of these dates may be subject to change.


Application Process & Form

Trainees must confirm on their application form that they have had confirmation of their suitability for the scholarship programme, from both their Educational Supervisor and their local Training Programme Director. They must also confirm that they have not had anything other than satisfactory outcomes at previous ARCP reviews and that they can travel to fulfil the requisite needs of that particular scholarship

Total final scores will then be used to rank potential scholars, and these will be awarded according to best fit across the scheme according to programme score and preference of the individual posts. Patch education and leadership posts will be allocated first. Unused posts may be transferred to other scholarship programmes (depending on demand) to maximise fill rates.

Scholarship Application Form 2022



The panel chairs will score each written application form against the designated performance criteria. The score from this process will be used to draw up the shortlist, if successful in being shortlisted you will receive an invite to interview, if unsuccessful in being shortlisted you will be informed by email. 


Scholarships will be awarded on a score taken from the combination of those awarded from the application and for the interview. Interview panels will be made up of a two-or-three-person panel of Faculty or lay members of the School of Primary Care. The interview panel Chair will be different from the shortlisting Chair to ensure no prior knowledge of the application form at the interview.

Each candidate will sit a competency based interview. 

For additional information please contact the GP School at GPSchool.SW@hee.nhs.uk.