Cornwall Vocational Training Scheme

Welcome to the Cornwall VTS website where you can find all the information you need about training as a GP in Cornwall 

Our scheme attracts doctors who want to combine excellence in their practice with a fantastic lifestyle in one of the best places to live in the UK. Cornwall has a strong tradition of high standards in Primary Care and is a wonderful place to live and to learn.We aim to provide the best possible training for a career in General Practice and the scheme enjoys a high reputation. Many of our trainees go on to become principals in Cornish practices.

The first point of contact for the scheme is Trudy Eddy, our course administrator.

The main components of the three year scheme are:

Eighteen months as a GP registrar in one or more of our excellent training practices. This is divided into a six month post in either ST1 or ST2 and a full year in ST3. Trainees have the opportunity to visit the practices before ST3 and request the one that appeals most to them.

Eighteen months of secondary care posts with a very wide range of hospital specialties represented and educational supervision provided from primary care.

The planned educational programme allowing trainees to meet regularly with their own year group and to share and expand knowledge and skills.

Please do visit our local website for more information.