Cornwall Planned Educational Programme 

VTS Timetable 

Planned Educational Programme   


The educational programme allows trainees to come together from their various posts and meet as a group. Group discussion between peers is a powerful learning tool and we use VTS sessions to look at those areas of the RCGP curriculum that are best explored as a group rather than in individual study or in a one to one setting.  The group is also a source of support and a social network. Learning is easier if it is enjoyable and we try to aim for this too. The course is designed as preparation for a career in general practice rather than purely as preparation for the nMRCGP but will help you to work towards the exam. 

Getting the most from each session 

The link above allows you to look ahead to forthcoming sessions. The programme constantly evolves and adapts to the needs of trainees so it is important to access it in the week before each session. Usually there is some pre-session homework and it is always helpful to have some idea of what you want to gain from the day. The success of the sessions is strongly tied to the dynamics of the group. The more you put in, the more everyone gets out.


You will be asked regularly for detailed feedback about your training including the educational sessions. Your comments are valued and are used to adapt and improve future sessions. Please give as much constructive information as you can. Feedback from previous sessions can be viewed here (link will be available soon). The programme is flexible and can usually be adapted to include particular topics if the group request them.


During ST1 and 2, groups meet for a whole day every month. In ST3 groups meet for the afternoon every week. Morning sessions start promptly at 9:30 and afternoons at 2pm, ending at 5pm. Study leave needs to be applied for but should not usually be a problem. Attendance is a requirement for training and is monitored. If you are unable to attend for any reason please contact Trudy.