All doctors in training are eligible to apply for Less than Full Time Working. Those wishing to continue their training on this basis, must show that full time training would not be practical for them for well-founded individual reasons.

Trainees wishing to take up the option of less than full time training will need to have successfully obtained a post in the relevant specialty and grade in open competition. However, they will be expected to approach Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education prior to applying for posts to confirm that they are eligible for funding for less than full time working. The desire to train on a less than full time basis need not be disclosed to the interview panel but applicants are asked to reveal this information to us through the recruitment application or as soon as possible.

Please see the flow chart for GP trainees wishing to apply for Less Than Full Time Training 

Trainees wishing to apply should refer to the less than full time working policy. Trainees should submit their application as soon as their change in circumstances making them eligible for less than full time working becomes apparent. Please send your application form to Gemma Lush.

  • Guidelines
  • To apply for less than full time working, please complete the LFT1 form.
  • To enter a hospital placement working less than full time please complete the LFT2 form.
  • To enter a practice placement working less than full time please complete the LFT2 Practice form.

The GMC have recently published changes to the requirements of evidence on the ePortfolio for less than full time trainees. Please ensure you read the evidence submission guidelines for pro rata submission of evidence for ARCPs.