GP Trainees are referred to the HEE (SW) policy for study leave funding for details of the relevant processes and principles. The only variations from the overarching guidance are that:

GP Trainees should apply for study leave funding via the above link, with the variations that:

  • GP doctors in training should seek TPD approval for course funding
  • Overnight accommodation will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and with the express approval of a TPD.  This is limited to no more than £55.00/night; receipts must be provided in all cases.

Process for claiming:

  • when applying for funding to attend any of the courses listed below, there is no need toenclose a programme or provide any further information of the event, other than a receipt of payment. In the first instance the form should be submitted to the TPD for approval.  Once approval has been given please send the form to Sarah Anderson at the address below.

Approved course list

Please note that we hope to rapidly expand this list once we have further experience of the new system

Automatic approval for all trainees, whether requiring extra support or not



Local/regional teaching

Mandatory release, no funding implications

RCGP provided CSA & AKT preparation course

One course attendance per trainee (already funded through contract with RCGP).  Other preparation courses will only be funded in exceptional circumstances if local courses cannot be attended.

Fourteen fish AKT support

Upon APD request, this will be funded for those struggling to achieve AKT and after attendance at local courses (see above).

Child protection training

Provided by VTS or online. This could be an online course.

GP update


Courses NOT approved for funding, although time off might be authorised

CSA or AKT revision or study courses provided by any other provider

Attendance at courses or conferences overseas without prior APD, Head of School approval

Events outside the region unless authorised by a TPD

Funding approval if the last ARCP outcome was O1 Satisfactory Progress and the TPD/APD agrees that progress in the post is satisfactory

Examples of discretionary/enhancement activities relevant to the GP curriculum, that will be approved provided:

  • the area of study has been agreed as appropriate at Educational Supervisors Review
  • are reflected in the PDP
  • the ES agrees that progress in the post is satisfactory
  • Study leave has been approved
  • the courses are aimed at GPs

Please note this list is not exhaustive, and others may be considered for approval. When there is disagreement between the ES and trainee as to whether progress is satisfactory, initial appeal should be by email to a TPD for adjudication.

  • RCGP provided or accredited courses or conferences
  • Courses provided by other organisations that address the difficult to reach parts of the GP curriculum should also be considered, especially if they cover:
    • Contraception/Sexual Health courses
    • DFSRH theory and practical training courses
    • Cervical smear courses
    • Minor surgery
    • Joint injections
    • Palliative care
    • BASICs
    • ENT
    • Ophthalmology
    • Dermatology
    • Mental Health
    • Learning Disability
    • Medical Education
    • Paediatrics
    • Veterans’ Health
    • Homelessness
    • Prescribing
    • Children and young people’s health
    • Dementia
    • Female genital mutilation (FGM)
    • Equality and Diversity
    • Safeguarding
    • Leadership, management and business management skills
    • General update courses
    • GMC courses
    • RCGP conference (contribution only) 

Original receipts should accompany every claim form to verify the authenticity of all expenditure detailed upon it. Claims should be submitted within six weeks of the event taking place and absolutely no later than three months.

Expenses for exams will not be reimbursed. Expenses for travel to/from exams will be reimbursed subject to the rates set out in the trainee guide to Travel & Subsistence expenses

Approval for time off for study leave must be sought and agreed by rota manager (for trainees in hospital placements) or Practice Manager within GP training practices.

Please complete the study leave expenses claim form, have the claim authorised by Patch TPD/APD, and return it, with receipts, to

Sarah Anderson
Health Education England
Plumer House
Tailyour Road
PL6 5DH 

Please note, this policy is subject to further revision