Now that you have completed GP training…

There are some administrative things that you need to do as you enter the next phase of your career.

Performers List

You need to ensure you have the correct status on the Performers List (e.g. locum, salaried, principal) – this should be the list held by the Area Team in which you will carry out the majority of your work. Again, once you have been revalidated by Health Education England, you should contact the Area Team where you are working and make arrangements to transfer to the Area team responsible for updating the Performers List. You cannot be allocated an appraisal until this transfer is completed.


Appraisal & Revalidation

The Royal College of General Practitioners APPRAISAL AND REVALIDATION - A guide for newly qualified GPs


All doctors must have a prescribed connection to a designated body and therefore a Responsible Officer who will be responsible for your future revalidations. As a trainee in Severn or Peninsula, your designated body was Health Education England (working across the South West) (HEE). You should have been revalidated by HEE around the time of your CCT, and received confirmation of this, along with your new revalidation date, from the GMC.

If you have not yet been revalidated, you should remain connected to HEE until you receive the confirmation email from the GMC, even if you start to work in another area.

Once you have been revalidated and received your new revalidation date from the GMC, you need to log into GMC Online, go to the “My Revalidation” section, and change your designated body to that of the Area Team in which you are working, or your employing Trust if you are not working as a GP.


Now that you are a qualified GP, you will no longer have ARCPs. In their place you should have a regular annual appraisal that is based on Good Medical Practice. You must contact your Area Team to arrange this. If you do not arrange this appraisal within a year your status on the Performers List will be at risk and you may not be able to continue working as a GP. You will be allocated to a specific appraisal month (which may be your birthday month) and may be any time within 12 months of completion of training.

Also, bear in mind that your appraisal will need to cover the whole of your practice. So if you practise in more than one organisation e.g. Out of Hours, you will need to collect supporting information that covers your practice in each of your roles to be considered in your appraisal.

For your appraisal you will need to collect, and reflect on, supporting information. The GMC who will be responsible for renewing your licence has defined this under six headings:

  1. Continuing professional development (CPD)
  2. Quality improvement activity
  3. Significant events
  4. Feedback from colleagues
  5. Feedback from patients
  6. Review of complaints and compliments

These are the basic requirements for all doctors, but each specialty sets further requirements that are considered appropriate for that role. The RCGP has set out the requirements for GPs in the Appraisal & Revalidation guide above.

You will find local information and contact details by following the links below: